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FANMIX: your heart is a bad thing (cato/clove, the hunger games)

Fanmix Title: Your Heart Is A Bad Thing
Fandom: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Pairing: Cato/Clove
Warnings: General spoilers for the first book, let's say.
Notes: I manage to ship pretty much everyone ever, it's a fact. Cato and Clove are the most badass, most fucked up tributes and I can't help but ship them, because they would be conniving and fighting for power and violent. And in short, everything a relationship shouldn't be, but because of who they are, District 2 Career Tributes that only want to kill, kill, kill, not because of an actual hate of each other that their whole relationship was based on.


"Do you think," Clove says, twisting a silver pearl that was attatched to her dress for the interview -- she broke it off -- in her hand, "if we didn't have to kill each other, would we be nicer?"


Clove shifts her attention, now looking at Cato dissaprovingly. "You know, this is probably one of those abusive relationships my mother told me about."

"Yeah, I'd like you to stop fucking cutting me with your penknife when you get bored, Clove." He grins at her, and she screws up her face and shakes her head at him.

, hans zimmer (instrumental)
It's crazy and it's fast-paced and frantic and I can really see a song like this for all the action in the Arena, and for 90% of that, Cato and Clove were part of the action.

02. VOODOOIZED, empires
pull out my soul and put it in your mouth to be full / puncture after puncture like its blown / if you call, i'll come to you
So, there's the general fucked up side of things that will become a recurring theme, Cato and Clove are greedy and self-entitled, etc, but then there's also how in the Arena, tributes who team up develop some bond that is extremely tenuous and fragile and they need it; how Annie went insane after her ally was killed, how Katniss didn't want to leave the Arena without Peeta. Cato and Clove would obviously be very different and a lot more selfish in their reasoning, probably, but I think it's safe to say that at some point in the Arena, they started needing each other, and when Clove died, like we're shown in the book, Cato was genuinely upset, and not just in a "this disadvantages me in the Games" way.

03. THE OUTSIDER, marina and the diamonds
don't get on my bad side, i can work a gun / hop into the backseat baby, i'll show you some fun
Even though technically, the song is about outsiders, and as part of the Careers, Cato and Clove never were, the tune itself is a bit "all over the place" and a little creepy/threatening, which I find is really Cato, because as Katniss has given us insight, he's probably not entirely sane. I just like this song. It's freaky and malicious.

04. TEAR YOU APART, she wants revenge
i want to hold you close / soft breath, beating heart / as i whisper in your ear / i want to fucking tear you apart
A porn-y song. Basically. A bit predator-y and freaky, and there is tearing apart and ecetera.

05. POST BLUE, placebo
bite the hand that feeds / tap the vein that bleeds / down on my bended knees
Although in the 74th Games, the Careers look very solid from the start, having lunch together at the Training Center and the like, my personal fanon is that Cato and Clove didn't come to an alliance agreement very easily/quickly, even though it was the logical thing to do, because they had a power struggle of sorts, and both of them wanted to come out on top (yeah, suss connotations; but I bet that's another problem the two of them had).

06. THERE THERE, radiohead
we'd be a walking disaster (don't reach out, don't reach out) + we are accidents / waiting, waiting to happen
Their relationship: warning warning danger signs, red alert, hazard. Basically.

07. JACK NIMBLE, lady of the sunshine
close to jill lying there / all alone / he lost his mind beneath the stairs / all alone
Firstly, this song is incredibly haunting and malignant and creepy, the melody, the lyrics, the singing, everything. And those lyrics, I see as Cato's reaction to Clove's death. Baw.

08. LOVER I DON'T HAVE TO LOVE, bright eyes
i've got a hunger and i can't seem to get full /  i need some meaning i can memorize / the kind i have always seems to slip my mind + love's an excuse to get hurt / and to hurt / do you like to hurt / i do, i do / so hurt me
Commentary on District 1, 2 and 4 compared to the rest of the Districts time, dingdingding! Obviously, Cato and Clove wouldn't actually be hungry, they never have before in their life (except for in the games, duh, but go with me here) and I see it as Cato being insane, etc, but it could also be a comment on the Career tributes: how they have nothing but killing, and that's all they want to do, but they're still empty at the end of it. The other lyric excerpt is just them being creepy and Clove likes knives and I like this song. Hmm.

Please, comment if snagging! Firstly, it's common courtesy and I know LJ skips out on it a lot of the time, which is a little disconcerting, and secondly, it would be awesome to know who out there likes Cato/Clove, because it can't just be me.
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